As of January 1st, 2021 OMREB and SOREB will merge to form the new ASSOCIATION OF INTERIOR REALTORS®.
During the transitional period, this site will remain active as an information hub for all members

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South Region HPI Now Available!

We are happy to report another transitional milestone has been met. All South Okanagan and South Peace River members now have access to the MLS® Home Pricing Index.

What is HPI?

  • For those who do not know, HPI stands for Home Price Index and provides additional real estate marker trend information for the members. 
  • The MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) is the most advanced and accurate tool to gauge home price levels and trends. 
  • The product is offered to us/ our members through cooperation with CREA, in conjunction with Altus Data Group
  • Ex-OMREB members already have access to the tool since 2019. And HPI is used to compliment statistical information we provide to our members.
  • The South Region HPI will capture the ex-SOREB area for now and will be added to the overall Association HPI once the data share is in place, hopefully in June.

Members can find HPI in Xposure under the ‘more’ tab.

To help you learn how to effectively use the MLS® Home Pricing Index, CREA will provide member training to South Members on the following days:

  • Friday April 23 at 10:00 am PST
  • Friday May 7th at 10:00 am PST

Register through the member portal – upcoming courses

Transition Update & AGM Announcement

Transitional Plan Progress Update

Want to know where we are at in the transition plan? Please watch this short video from Association of Interior REALTORS® President Kim Heizmann on the latest developments and milestone achievements for a recap on the progress.

Member Portal Access Now Available

We are excited to let our Southern Members know you all now have access to our Member Services Portal.

Key Features? The enhanced features will improve self-serve functionalities such as:

  • Checking your account balance
  • Ability to pay your own bills through the portal
  • Seeing and registering for upcoming courses
  • As well as access to helpful member notices & education reminders
  • Autopay functionality 
  • Updating your profile to include Instagram 

Where to find it? Two ways to get to the portal:

Important: Your log-in credentials are the same as you use to log-in to Xposure!

Navigating the Member Portal Tutorial can be found here: Member Portal Tutorial - YouTube

GREAT NEWS! Combined AUTOPROP Data Now Available

Your board has teamed up with AUTOPROP to make both Matrix and Xposure listings accessible to all Association of Interior REALTORS® members for your immediate benefit, through your AUTOPROP account. You can access AUTOPROP by logging in to your MLS® system and clicking on the AUTOPROP icon under ‘Member Tools’ (Matrix) or ‘Quick Links’ (Xposure). 

  1. If you are searching for listings in territory covered by Xposure, you can search using the Xposure integration in the AUTOPROP Full Report and Dashboard. 
  2. If you are searching for listings in territory covered by Matrix, you can search using the Matrix integration in the AUTOPROP Full Report and Dashboard.

For access to listings from both MLS® systems on the Dashboard, see the screenshot below: 

For access to listings from both MLS systems in the Full Report, see the screenshot below: 

For more information on creating reports in AUTOPROP, check out this fantastic guide.

To sign-up for an upcoming PDP-accredited webinar on AUTOPROP, visit the registration page.

The AUTOPROP Team encourages you to reach out with any questions using the live chat, with live support available Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM:  


The Association of Interior REALTORS® President Kim Heizmann would like to officially welcome members to the new organization and give an update of what’s to come so members are informed and in the loop throughout the transitional period.

Please watch this short video for important information!


What has already Been Completed?


* you can click the above image for a larger version

What’s to come?


* you can click the above image for a larger version


* you can click the above image for a larger version

Who to contact?


All merger-related updates will be published at

Questions? Comments?

Please direct to [email protected]

Your feedback and questions are welcome! Click here to send them!

The Association of Interior REALTORS® is a not for profit association of REALTORS® dedicated to providing leadership and support to its Members in their pursuit of professional excellence.



Association of Interior REALTORS® Coming January 1, 2021 – Important information for SOREB members


We are pleased to announce that all SOREB members have automatically been upgraded to AUTOPROP’s full suite version. You need not take any action; your account has automatically been upgraded.

Enterprise is AUTOPROP’s full suite option, affording you access to the following features:

  • Broker Listings – a commercial marketplace available throughout BC, pulling in exclusive commercial listings from major brokerage websites

  • Zone Search – tool allowing you to isolate specific zones in a wide range of municipalities and then database properties within the selected zone(s)

  • iBOMB – one of a kind presentation tool for land assemblies, CMAs, listing presentations, databasing and more - highly customizable

  • Contours of Accessibility – an amenity mapping tool that allows you to view which amenities are located around a subject site

Need help with AUTOPROP features? We have Webinars for that!


Creating CMAs in AUTOPROP

When?  Monday, January 25th  

Time?  10-11am


When?  Monday, February 22nd  

Time?  10-11am

AUTOPROP Basics – Reviewing the most commonly used workflows

When?  Monday, March 29th  

Time?  10-11am

RSVP?  [email protected] before December 31st / January 1st – [email protected]

*NOTE: More Webinars will be added in the New Year covering more features


Automatic Sign-up for Group Life Insurance

All current SOREB members will automatically be added to the Group Life Insurance effective January 1st.

What does this include? Find out more here


Access to Professional Standards Coordinator – John Adolf

The Professional Standards Coordinator is our in-house resource for members for rule interpretation and application, and guidance on navigating difficult situations. Also responds to complaints from members and the public, seeking informal solutions or forwarding to the appropriate body (Professional Conduct Committee or regulator) for formal resolution if required.

Email: [email protected]


2021 Fee Schedule – Association of Interior REALTORS®

Learn More


Tech Issues over the Holidays? Now you can call Tech Helpline

Learn More


Strata Wall Mounted Lockbox Program

The Association of Interior REALTORS® Sentrilock Strata Wall Mounted Lockbox Program is designed to eliminate all other REALTOR® lockbox units from the exterior of a strata or condominium. Inside the Sentrilock Strata Wall Mounted Lockbox is a building entrance key that enables REALTORS® to conveniently access the building – even when there are multiple units for sale.

Learn More


Communications – What to Expect from the Association of Interior REALTORS®

Every month the Association of Interior REALTORS® will send out Three Fixed Communications (emails):

  • Market Stats Release – within first few of days of the month (what we send to the media, we provide to members as well so that they know what we have given the media)

  • Reach – every 2nd Monday of the month
    (Focused on professionalism & professional development, includes upcoming courses)

  • News – every 3rd Monday of the month
    (Focused on supporting members’ real estate practice by covering industry related news, Association updates, enhancements, buyer survey data etc.)

Other Communications Emails: Sent ad hoc and only when deemed important enough to send as a standalone, designated communication: 

Gentle Reminder – upcoming event or other activity

Member Notices – messages deemed important enough to send a specific email, and may be time sensitive, but not critical (e.g. if the message can’t wait for the next newsletter) 

Member Call to Action – when all-member action is warranted or requested e.g. Board of Director voting

Member Alert – critical, real estate practice affecting messages (must reads!) e.g. the MLS® system down for an hour etc.

*While not all communications may appeal to you at a specific time, we recommend you always browse through to avoid missing any crucial updates, enhancements, events or changes that could affect your real estate practice and business.

Please add: [email protected] to your email address book to ensure you receive these communications (the system scrubs the list after 3 unread in a row)


Questions? Contact [email protected]